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Brother Seamus has been composing and writing songs
since 1990 and has some 40 productions to his credit. He works with
several record companies - SOL Productions and Veritas in Ireland and
the UK, De la Raiz, Circle Studios and Anam Productions in the USA,
Producciones de la Raiz in Spain and Saponegro Records in Peru. He has
been performing since 2001 and gives concerts all over the world.
He is the composer of the very beautiful Celtic Prayer Songs CD, a
magnificent and prayerful collection of Celtic songs and music, now part
of a wonderful concert event called The Celtic Spirit Experience.
He Performs internationally, his concerts inspiring his
audiences with a wonderful appreciation for Celtic Christian music,
heritage and art. His melodic, Irish vocal style is soothing and deeply
inspiring and his haunting wooden flute-playing brings his listeners to
'another place'. An expert Lilter (Irish Mouthmusic Singer) and Whistle
Player, Seamus also plays a lively Bodhrán (Irish drum) which will have
you dancing in your seat!
Seamus Lives a contemplative lifestyle with his monastic
community, the Servants of Love, among the beautiful Wicklow
mountains on the east coast of Ireland. His passion is for the Celtic spirit of the Irish Christians who lived from circa 500 – 1000 AD. The primitive, ancient wisdom of that era comes across in his style of singing and musicianship which is enthralling and uplifting.