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Entertainer Daniel O'Donnell has quickly made his mark in North America. With seven PBS Television shows, including his latest, Daniel O'Donnell - Can You Feel The Love, and over 10 million albums sold world-wide and 2 million DVD/videos, this Irish-born musical phenomenon has a vast fan base, eager to experience his trademark combination of country music, inspirational ballads, '60s pop, and Irish standards.

O'Donnell's dazzling voice and his easy-going, entertaining on-stage personality makes each live show an exciting event. Fans travel from across the country to catch his appearances, often via sold-out bus tours.

Daniel's recordings, DVDs, and videos have appeared regularly on Billboard's charts from the moment they were released in North America. At one point, O'Donnell had nine out of fifteen albums on the Top World Albums chart - including the #1 spot. He also grabbed the #1 spot on the Top World Artists chart.